Sayesaman distribution Company was established in 1995 with the goal of distributing the products of Alifard Co. (Sunich)  in Tehran. With the development of Alifard Company over time, this company was also developed and its first centralized branch was established in Gilan in 2001. Afterwards, regarding the capacities of this company in the area of distribution industry, in addition to Alifard Co. it could get the exclusive representation of distributing the products of Shiva, IcyMonkey, Nestle and Persis in Iran.Currently, more than 22 provinces are covered by food and drug distribution by this company’s branches. These provinces constitute over 70% of the total country’s population.

More than 2200 skilled personnel

Using SAP software

One of the self owned largest food and pharmaceutical fleets

More than 120,000 active food & drug customers in Iran

Detailed and online control of routes and sales & distribution teams through GPS



Head Office: No. 2nd, Alavi Alley, Sepahbod Gharani, Tehran- Iran.
Postal Code:1599944311
Tel: (+98) 21 88800892-5
Fax: (+98) 21 88897426

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